The Villa Crespia Estate

The Muratori family has always been deeply rooted in the Franciacorta area. For over twenty years, Villa Crespia has dedicated itself to the exclusive production of Franciacorta, with grapes from its vineyards. The 57 hectares of vineyards (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) are located in each of the six vocational units of Franciacorta. From the 2020 harvest, the Muratori family has the chance to make use of the precious Consulting of Dottor Riccardo Cotarella and his Team. A choice that anticipates a new path for Villa Crespia, which immediately materializes in new important investments in the cellar.

Continuing the path of SUSTAINABILITY, Villa Crespia manages its vineyards in an organic regime and it is furthermore self-sufficient from an energy point of view thanks to its agrofotovoltaic system.

Every wine is witness of a single vineyard landscape.

Villa Crespia

Our Franciacorta

Cisiolo, NumeroZero and Simbiotico

Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

Franciacorta Numero Zero Villa Crespia

Dosaggio zero

Since its inception, Villa Crespia has distinguished itself by the choice of making “zero dosage” wines, when it was still a kind of taste not so widespread and known, but still mostly consumed by experts and enthusiasts. From the beginning, Villa Crespia produces two Zero Dosage Franciacorta: NumeroZero that is 100% Chardonnay and Cisiolo a 100% Pinot nero Franciacorta. Our Zero Dosage Franciacorta are born in the vineyard and do not require “expedition liqueur” to reach their maximum expression. With Zero Dosage we aims to tell the landscape in its extreme transparency that is why after the degorgement we fill the bottle with the same wine.

Pinot nero

The vineyard of Pinot Nero is located in the municipality of Adro. It extends over 7 hectares of Pinot Nero (French clones selected in Champagne and Bourgogne) and was planted during year 2000. The reference vocation unit is that of the terraced colluvial steps, very rare in Franciacorta, as they are heavy, tenacious, ferretted soils, with sub-acid pH. This vineyard is enclosed in a very narrow valley that opens gently towards the Po valley and looks to Monte Orfano, in the town of Capriolo. In this environment, Pinot Nero can develop and mature enjoying nighttime temperatures below the area average. The Cisiolo, the Zero Blanc de noir of Villa Crespia is produced with the grapes grown in this vineyard and is therefore a Cru di Pinot nero.

Franciacorta Cisiolo


We have always ‘nourished’ our vines with microbiological diversity (fungi and bacteria) and thus grow more vigorous, healthier and more resistant to diseases. Thus, we can vinify the grapes eliminating any type of adjuvant and additive. Starting from healthy grapes, rich in antioxidants we have developed an innovative enological supply chain, unique in our area, which will allow us to avoid the use of sulfur dioxide, as well as many other allergens such as egg and milk derivates. Our Simbiotico Franciacorta, 100% Chardonnay, therefore, does not contain the declaration “contains sulphites” and is an absolutely pure wine also from this point of view. It is an extraordinary wine that amazes for its truly unique organoleptic characteristics.


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Guided tour to the winery followed by winetasting of 2 Franciacorta

Guided tour to the winery followed by winetasting of 2 Franciacorta accompanied by local food


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