Millè is a Blanc de blancs made by a blend of wines produced with grapes cultivated in different landscapes of Franciacorta.

Before bottling to make second fermentation taking place, it is aged in stainless steel. After this period on the yeasts, the wine is bottled together with liqueur de tirage. In the bottle it ferments again for other 30 months and more.

Riserva Millè

Only from best vintages we have our Riserva Millè: a Brut Chardonnay that surprises for its extreme and renewed freshness that is balanced by a full-body wine, never too heavy.

Riserva Millè presents itself with a different packaging compared to our Millè. It is definitely soberer, it expresses a Franciacorta with many years of life behind. Anyway it is still extremely young and fresh wine. It reflects the style of our Millè… as Franciacorta is fun!

The Visual Identity of Millè is able to express emotions, feelings, contemporaneity and true values. Gianni Brunazzi, Rivista Markup Settembre 2015


Millè Ambassador

Millè Ambassadors are a group of professionals from the Food & Wine world that have always believed in our Millè: we have selected them to become the “Millè evangelists” in Italy and worldwide.