Vigneto in Franciacorta
Simbiotico Villa Crespia


100% Chardonnay

The vineyard of Simbiotico is in the municipality of Adro. The soils have morenic origin and are not so deep. Summer and windy climate.

Rifermentation and aging on the yeasts in bottle for at least 24 months.

It is characterized by its spontaneous and immediate fruity elegance, that makes it different from conventional Franciacorta in a decisive style.

We have always ``FED`` our vineyards of microbiological diversity (bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi) and today they grow more vigorous, healthier and also more resistant to diseases.

For this wine we made complex productive choices which however complete the path of our Symbiotic, which has always been oriented towards sustainability.

With the 2018 harvest, the conversion to organic regime of all 57 hectares of Villa Crespia vineyard was completed. We are organic winegrowers on the entire production in the field and with our Franciacorta Symbiotic we have decided to continue the BIO production chain in the cellar as well.

The Organic Symbiotic is kept separate from the rest of the Villa Crespia production already in August, after the harvest of the Chardonnay grapes, and continues its exclusive path on the must, on the base wine, during the draft and until disgorging.

In the cellar, the EU regulation governing the production of organic wine (and allows the use of the European Organic logo on the label) provides for the USE OF PRODUCTS OF NATURAL ORIGIN ONLY, BETTER IF ORGANIC and a severe limitation of some wine making practices.

The limitations, such as non-invasive filtrations, are aimed at preserving the integrity of the wine in order to make the most of the characteristics that come from the grapes and winemaking. Also on the BIO Symbiotic we avoid the addition of sulfur to make our wine even more characterized. Simbiotico is a Franciacorta with unique characteristics.